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Paweł Bębenek i Giovanni Ferretti
Firm Founders

Our firm is located in the same heart of Warsaw, in the “John Paul II” boulevard. Poland is in this particular moment one of the best European Member States where SMEs may invest both directly and indirectly. We base our services on the trust with the clients, and our aim is establishing a sincere and transparent relationship with them. We offer solutions mostly suited to your needs and which are a result of mutual understandings.


We are very pleased to announce that in Katowice we have established a branch of our law firm. The office located in the city centre has been operating since the beginning of May. Also, some time ago, in cooperation with our strategic partner Sercam Advisory, we opened an office in Rome, which is another Italian branch of the Chancellery after Alba Adriatica. To get acquainted with the locations of our branches, please visit the "Contact" tab.

Ferretti Bębenek i Partnerzy Tax&Law Firm is glad to announce it was concluded a strategical partnership in Italy with Studio Professionale D’Eramo-Sajeva with seat in Pescara.

Such cooperation was realized in order to meet the needs of SMEs, that are active in the international markets and call for an integrated and highly specialized advice.

Studio Professionale D’Eramo-Sajeva counts on outstanding qualification, references and expertise in different areas, such as: Corporate Finance, Corporate Tax and Distressed Assets.

What is more, Studio Professionale D’Eramo-Sajeva advices in all issues related to tax matters at cross border level, including the representation before the italian “Centro Operativo dell’AdE di Pescara”, which is the only Italian Tax Office specialized unit for such matters.

Tax departament

Benefiting from the over a decade of professional experience, our team of licensed tax advisors, provides comprehensive services to Polish and foreign entities, taking into account the specificities of the individual sectors of economic activity. Our chief quality is an individual approach to each client. We assist our clients in a safe, however optimal, tax settlement.

Legal departament

Thanks to the vaste experience and knowledge of the lawyers who are cooperating with us, the legal department of our company is able to provide high quality services which respond to the needs of our clients. The company is highly focused on the international legal consultancy, advising and protecting the interests of our clients in Poland, Italy, as well as in other European Union Member States and major jurisdictions outside European union.

Comp. Internationaliz.

In order to meet the needs expressed by our clients in terms of services for the realization of the company’s internationalization strategy, below please find the list of services which our firm may provide, acting in cooperation with professional, strategic consultancy firms.


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