Training/lectures, including those funded by the UE

Training/lectures, including those funded by the EU

We would like to provide you with more than just advice. It is important for us that your legal and tax knowledge is always up to date. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the constant changes in regulations or their interpretation by yourself. Hence, our offer is addressed to you. We offer lectures on the selected scope of tax law and commercial law, company law and contract law, which apply to entities conducting business activity in Poland. We cooperate with lecturers – practitioners: tax advisors and legal advisors, who are highly appreciated by students and fluent in Polish, English and Italian. Lectures are always conducted on the basis of current regulations, taking into account possible planned amendments, as well as the latest jurisprudence of national and EU courts. We also provide training courses and lectures co-financed by the European Union.

We are also pleased to cooperate with an excellent coach – Dr. Magda Ferretti, who takes care of the development of our team, because we care not only about broadening the theoretical and practical knowledge, but also about self-improvement and development of interpersonal skills at work. 

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