ISO 37001 and anti-corruption regulations

ISO 37001 and anti-corruption regulations

  • The Law Office offers a package of services related to the support of enterprises in the preparation and implementation of internal anti-corruption regulations in the organization and compliance systems in this area.
  • In cooperation with certification bodies, we also provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation for obtaining the relevant ISO 37001:2016 certificate and the implementation of the standard in the organization. 
  • Our services include in particular
    • carrying out internal audits to identify potential threats increasing the risk of corruption;
    • developing and implementing an anti-corruption policy, a whistle-blowing system, a whistle-blowing system and procedures for monitoring the system;
    • conducting training on existing anti-corruption regulations, including anti-corruption policy;
    • preparing for the certification audit;
    • conducting specialist training in the field of ISO.
  • The above-mentioned activities are aimed at counteracting corruption phenomena among employees and preparing the company for a certification audit, which allows to obtain certification for compliance with the anti-corruption standard ISO 37001.
  • ISO 37001 is addressed to entities interested in comprehensive prevention of corruption in their organizations. Entities meeting the requirements set out in the standard may apply for certification, and thus significantly increase their credibility on the market.
  • It should be emphasized that the draft law on openness of public life imposes an obligation to develop and implement anti-corruption procedures in companies that are at least medium-sized enterprises. An entrepreneur who does not implement such procedures or applies them apparently or ineffectively will be subject to a fine of PLN 10,000 to PLN 10 million. If a penalty is imposed, the entrepreneur is to be subject to a five-year ban on applying for a public procurement contract.
  • Implementation of the international standard ISO 37001 and appropriate anti-corruption procedures will not only increase the credibility of the entity or protect it from losing its reputation, but will also significantly affect the minimization of risk related to the possibility of imposing sanctions provided for in the draft public life disclosure act.

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