Investing, buying a home and setting up a business in Italy

Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, has always had a unique relationship with Poland, so much so that they are the only two European countries that refer to each other in their national anthems:

“Marsz, Marsz Dąbrowski, z ziemi włoskiej do Polski”.

“Già l’Aquila d’Austria Le penne ha perdute. Il sangue d’Italia, Il sangue Polacco, Bevé, col cosacco, Ma il cor le bruciò”.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the Italian government has worked to ensure that the EU receives as much of the Reconstruction Fund as possible, which many have described as the true “Marshall Plan” as a result of the severe economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

Italy received around EUR 210 billion.

These measures were included in the so-called The National Plan for Reconstruction and Resilience (Reconstruction Fund) and will be devoted to support various sectors, in particular:

  1. IT- technological infrastructure;
  2. infrastructure, construction;
  3. ecological transformation;
  4. research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies.

Moreover, as a result of the massive transition to remote work, more and more foreigners are choosing to move to Italy to work remotely in such a wonderful environment as the Italian environment.

More and more foreigners are interested in buying real estate in Italy (for private purposes or to benefit from passive income through short-term rental – booking, RBNB etc.).

Many Polish entrepreneurs show a willingness to move to Italy to do business while having Italian resident status, entitled to the significant advantages that the Italian government makes available to those who intend to invest in and / or relocate there.

In this respect, our law firm can help Polish entrepreneurs in:

  1. obtaining Italian tax and civil residence if you intend to move to Italy and take advantage of the exemptions and opportunities provided for in this regard by Italian law;
  2. acquisition of shares in Italian companies in their own industry (so-called “M&A”);
  3. the acquisition of real estate for personal use or business;
  4. starting a business in Italy using resources for those intending to invest in Italy, provided under the National Plan for Reconstruction and Resilience, and with possible regional, national and EU funding.

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Ferretti Bębenek supported Clinscience in the purchase of a majority stake in the Italian group Exom

The Italian group Exom, dealing with the design, supervision, monitoring and management of clinical trials, recently signed an agreement to sell a majority stake to Clinscience, which aims to help in the development and conduct of clinical trials using innovative solutions. Ferretti Bębenek has had the great pleasure of supporting Clinscience throughout the entire process.

Clinscience’s Acquisition Of 60% Interest In The DigitalCRO—EXOM Group


Reporting on tax schemes has been in force since January 1, 2019, and many entities are still not prepared for them. In addition, the Ministry of Finance plans further changes in the regulations. Get ready for it with us.

White list

The taxpayer white list already exists. Check if your company details and contractors’ details are current. Lack of current data may be associated with a delay in receiving payments from the contractor and with joint and several liability for tax obligations of the entity with which you make transactions.

Split payment

From November 1, 2019, the provisions amending the split payment mechanism will enter into force. From this date, certain types of transactions will only be regulated through the split payment mechanism. Check if the obligation to pay to a separate VAT account also applies to you.

The Firm of Legal and Tax Advisers Ferretti Bębenek & Partners advised the Japanese investor Saraya.Co.Ltd

Ferretti Bębenek & Partners advised the Japanese investor Saraya.Co.Ltd in Osaka and companies from its group on the acquisition of a majority stake in V. Laboratories sp. z o.o. in Warsaw (Company), which for the purposes of the transaction was previously transformed from a limited partnership into a limited liability company.

As part of the transaction, a special purpose vehicle SARAYA EAST EUROPE Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw acquired 51% shares in V. Laboratories Sp. z o.o., and also entered into an investment agreement with the Company, its shareholders and the company from the investor group Saraya Hong Kong Co., Limited in Hong Kong. The Company specializes in the production of cosmetic and hairdressing products.

As part of the advisory, Ferretti Bębenek & Partners supervised the legal and tax side of the transaction, developed and negotiated transaction documentation, investment agreement and amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association resulting from the arrangements made during the negotiations.

On behalf of Ferretti Bębenek & Partners, the transaction was carried out by managing partners of Avv. dr Giovanni Ferretti, tax advisor Paweł Bębenek and lawyers of the firm: attorney-at-law Damian Kostur LL.M., tax advisor Paweł Greszta and tax advisor Tomasz Stanek.

New branches

We are very pleased to announce that in Katowice we have established a branch of our law firm. The office located in the city centre has been operating since the beginning of May. Also, some time ago, in cooperation with our strategic partner Sercam Advisory, we opened an office in Rome, which is another Italian branch of the Chancellery after Alba Adriatica. To get acquainted with the locations of our branches, please visit the “CONTACT” tab.