We want not only to advise you. It is important for us to make your knowledge of tax and law always up to date. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the constant amendments in regulations, or their interpretation. That is why we offer the possibility to organize lectures on the selected issues as for tax law, commercial law, corporate law and contract law in Poland. The lectures may be held both in the Polish, Italian, and the English language.


  • Tax lectures Open or Close

    We offer the possibility to carry out for your employees individual ectures on tax subject matter, in particular in the field of VAT, CIT, PIT, AKC and in the property tax. Every lecture is taking into account the specificity of your business activity. Before the lecture we will willingly set a specific range of topics, possible  issues which should be covered. It is possible to arrange a time and place the most suitable for you. Tax lectures are carried out not only for company’s CFOs and head accountants, but it is also a good investment for employees of sales departments, for those that are responsible for billing and also employees in the marketing and the advertisement departments. We count on the fact that increasing their knowledge about taxes always has a positive effect as for the reduction of the tax risk for the entire company.

  • Legal lectures Open or Close

    We are conducting individual and group classes dedicated to CEOs and board members of companies in the following areas: commercial law, company law, bankruptcy law, international law, EU law, competition law, banking law. Moreover, we offer the possibility to prepare lectures on issues that are of particular interests for you. The lectures are tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with the basic knowledge on the legal aspects of doing business in Poland, which will help you to reduce the legal risk and increase the chance of success of your company.