Benefiting from the over a decade of professional experience, our team of licensed tax advisors, provides comprehensive services to Polish and foreign entities, taking into account the specificities of the individual sectors of economic activity.

Our chief quality is an individual approach to each client. We assist our clients in a safe, however optimal, tax settlement.


We defend the interests of and represent taxpayers in disputes with the tax authorities. We offer tax solutions that work out in practice and help to effectively run a business. 

"The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward" - John Maynard Kaynes


  • Permanent tax services Open or Close

    It is a service that provides the possibility of ongoing contact in any of the form selected by you (by phone, email or fax) with our experts who are indicated by name and assigned to assist you. Permanent tax services give comfort of seeking advice or consultation in the field chosen by you. As part of an agreement binding us, you have at you disposal a team of professionals indicated by name, each of whom has extensive experience in the specific tax titles. 

    Within permanent tax services, it is possible to get an oral or written answer to your ongoing questions or concerns related to taxation of the concluded or planned transactions as well as other events that create obligations in the scope of tax settlement. In addition, as part of our cooperation, if necessary, we can prepare for you tax opinions on the selected theme, applications for individual interpretations of the Minister of Finance, or applications for the issue of binding tariff information. Moreover, there is a possibility to make an analysis of trade agreements for the tax consequences along with an indication of our position in the matter. 

    We render permanent tax services with reference to the following taxes and other regulatory liabilities, namely corporate income tax, tax on goods and services, excise duty, income tax on natural persons and settlements with the Social Insurance Company (ZUS), custom duties, property tax, tax on civil law transactions, as well as agreements to avoid double taxation.

  • Administrative and judicial proceedings Open or Close

    Our team has conducted hundreds of disputes, representing our clients before tax and revenue authorities throughout the country, as well as before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court. We also have extensive experience in the proceedings before the Polish Constitutional Tribunal. The previous proceedings included within its scope all regulatory liabilities that are binding for taxpayers in Poland.  We can participate in the dispute as a representative or else we can prepare, at a particular stage, pleadings such as objections to the minutes, appeals or complaints. If necessary, we also help minimize or completely reduce the impact of the enforcement proceedings instituted by the authority. 

    We are also highly effective in obtaining favourable tax interpretations or binding tariff information constituting a protection against a tax risk related to the planned or executed transactions. 

    The tax proceedings is always associated with a great burden on the taxpayer, both personal and, often, financial. Therefore, we make our best efforts and use our wealth of experience to make every time the scales turn in favour of our clients. We treat each proceedings individually and do not limit ourselves only to the passive response to actions of the authorities. We always try to work in multiple stages, so that not only to positively end the dispute, but to do it as quickly as possible and in the least burdensome manner for you.

  • Tax audits Open or Close

    Within the tax audit, a team of specialists, licensed tax advisors, carries out a detailed analysis and controls the correctness of settlements of the ordering entity as regards the selected (one or more) regulatory liabilities - tax on goods and services, corporate income tax (or income tax on natural persons), the responsibilities in the scope of the functions of the tax remitter (PIT), social security (the Social Insurance Company - ZUS), excise duty, tax on civil law transactions, property tax and other liabilities. 

    The audit is carried out on the basis of source documents (purchase and sales invoices, receipts, records, statements, accounting records) as well as the documents which are the basis of their issue (contracts, unilateral declarations of intent, registration documents, etc.) and other documents and events that may affect the creation or the scope of a tax liability as regards the taxes subject to an audit.

    Each time we define the audit methodology together with our clients so that this creates the possibility of an objective assessment of the accuracy and reliability of the taxpayer's settlements in respect of the regulatory liabilities, and so that it could be the basis to estimate the amount of any potential irregularities noted. 

    Following the completion of the audit, a report shall be prepared containing the findings of the audit, including a detailed discussion of the irregularities found, practical ways to remove them, and procedures to prevent the future occurrence of deficiencies in tax returns. The auditor's report can also contain possible recommendations on ways to optimize the amount of tax liabilities. 

    Before the audit, the ordering entity receives the detailed audit scope and plan as regards each tax title covered by the audit, as well as a list of the necessary documents to be submitted.

    The scope and the date of the audit is always tailored to your needs and possibilities so that it is carried out in the manner which is the least burdensome and engaging for the accounting personnel.

  • Tax Regulations and Instructions Open or Close

    The subject of the Tax Regulations is a detailed indication of practical solutions to problems with documentation, settlement and fulfilment of an obligation to report to the tax authorities in respect of a particular tax - VAT, CIT, PIT, or excise duty. There is a possibility to develop the Tax Regulations, including the comprehensive ones covering several selected tax titles. The Tax Regulations are to help in particular to accurately identify economic events and prepare the information and statements for the tax authorities in compliance with law and professional knowledge on this subject. At the same time, the Regulations will introduce mechanisms for sharing information between the different organizational units of an economic operator with the possibility of its detailed control. All the guidelines set forth in the Tax Regulations are based on the currently binding tax law, including the case law of administrative courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union, the official interpretation of the tax authorities (including the Ministry of Finance) and the position of the tax doctrine. Each time the Tax Regulations are adapted to the specific nature and scope of business activity of the client and types of transactions carried out within this activity. 

    The Tax Regulations can be further extended by the Tax Document Circulation Instructions making it possible to introduce in a business entity procedures aimed at minimizing a tax risk related to the obligations incumbent on taxpayers in connection with their business activities and determination of the tax documentation circulation system. The implementation of this modern tax instrument will ensure the accuracy of settlement of one or more selected taxes and the greatest protection of legal interests of persons managing the entity, in particular it will ensure minimization of a risk connected with the liability under the provisions of the Fiscal Offences Act.

    There is a possibility - upon your request - to introduce the system of updating the Tax Regulations within 10 working days from the date of entry into force of any subsequent change in law as regards the subject regulated by this document or the issue of a significant adjudication (a resolution of the Supreme Administrative Court, a judgement of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal or a resolution of the Court of Justice of the European Union) in the scope of the subject regulated by this document.

  • Tax optimization Open or Close

    The current tax consultancy does not mean only resolving problematic issues associated with the ongoing activities of taxpayers, but also consultancy on tax planning and tax optimization. We dedicate tax planning services to those clients who are looking for optimal tax solutions related to the commencement of business or its completion by selling the assets possessed. In terms of tax optimization services, we offer advice on the restructuring processes aimed at seeking tax savings or carrying out certain activities in the possibly most tax-optimal way.

  • Transfer pricing Open or Close

    The increasing globalization of the economy, the entry into the Polish market by an increasing number of foreign companies, as well as the continued development of Polish capital groups make that a number of transactions between related entities is constantly growing. Given the fact that transactions of this type require special attention in the context of tax law in order to safeguard the tax interests of the entities in the capital group on account of mutual transactions, we offer you among others the following services:

    • development of the transfer pricing policy that identifies areas of risk and shows the principles of optimal selection of methods for determination of prices for each transaction,
    • development of special tax documentation, in the model form, as well as documentation for particular transactions,
    • development of a model for cost-sharing in a group and preparation of special agreements on cost-sharing,
    • preparation of economic analyses.
  • Special Economic Zones Open or Close

    The tax law provisions allow entities operating in Special Economic Zones to achieve measurable financial benefits. As part of our services, we offer comprehensive consultancy related to running a business in an economic zone. Our consulting services, in addition to services related to solving tax issues disclosed in the course of a typical operating activity of the entity present in the zone, also include simulations associated with the consideration of the decision on the start-up or a process aimed at the start of a business in the territory of a special economic zone.

  • Rekompensata za spóźnione FV Open or Close

    Ryczałtowa rekompensata 40 EUR od każdej spóźnionej faktury VAT

    Dnia 28 kwietnia 2013 r. weszła w życie Ustawa z dnia 8 marca 2013 r. o terminach zapłaty w transakcjach handlowych (Dz.U. z 2013 r. poz. 403), którą stosuje się do transakcji handlowych zawartych od dnia jej wejścia w życie.

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