Thanks to the vaste experience and knowledge of the lawyers who are cooperating with us, the legal department of our company is able to provide high quality services which respond to the  needs of our clients. The company is highly focused on the international legal consultancy, advising and protecting the interests of our clients in Poland, Italy, as well as in other European Union Member States and major jurisdictions outside European union.


Our company aims at the continuative legal consultancy in favour of its clients, offering legal solutions and opinions even for the most delicate and complex issues. Our services (both in the out of court and in the court phase) are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Availability, regular contact with clients and transparency are our strongest feauters.


Special services offered by our firm include tax and legal services when international elements are involved. 

We offer legal advise as for the debt collection (both in the out of court and court phase, as well as in the enforcement phase) against foreign entities in the European Union. We also assist our clients  in the recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments or arbitral judgments abroad. We represent our clients in  negotiations aiming at the amicable settlement of disputes with counterparties being a subject of the Italian law and other EU member states

We are also specialized in the setting up for our clients personal and capital companies and branches abroad.

We represent the interests of our clients in the share deals and asset deals in Poland and Italy.  

Moreover, we assist our clients in the registration of trademarks and patents abroad

Considering the outstanding number of transactions for the purchase & sale of goods between entities with seat in different countries, our firm offers to our clients legal solutions to issues connected with the international sales of goods in accordance with the provisions of the “1980 Vienna Convention on the International sale of Goods” (CISG)

We also advise our clients in matters concerning the violation of competition rules. We draft for our clients and file denounces addressed to the competent Antitrust Authority for the case anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant position are realized.

Basic services

  • Company law Open or Close

    We advise in all matters concerning the company law, and the relationships at the international level between our clients and foreign entities.. We also specialize in disputes between companies and between companies and individuals, both in Poland and abroad. We advise as well in the labour law, in favour of companies operating in Poland and Italy. Moreover, we protect the interests of our clients during the M&A proceeding in Poland and Italy, as well as in terms of restructuring. 

  • Legal opinions Open or Close

    We draft legal opinions, proposing the best solutions to even the most complicated issues concerning Polish law, Italian law, European Union law, and international law. Our opinions are discussed in details with our clients, and after the delivery of the opinion in the written form, our team remains at your disposal for comments and explanations concerning the proposed solution. 

  • Conducting of negotiations Open or Close

    Our experience allows us to conduct negotiations on behalf of our clients with counterparties and resolve disputes in the amicable way in the out of court phase. We negotiate with the counterparty in the Polish, Italian and English language.

  • Domestic and international disputes Open or Close

    We represent the interests of our clients before courts of all instances in Poland and Italy. Moreover, thanks to our network, and the established cooperation with professionals abroad, we can also protect the interests of our clients before the courts of the other EU Member States, as well as before the main jurisdictions outside EU. We provide judiciary acts in the Polish, Italian and English language.

  • Legal audit Open or Close

    We provide our clients with the legal audit service, analyzing the whole documentation and the main dynamics applied by our clients in the light of appropriate provisions of the law. After the audit, our tam prepares for its clients a final Report, in which we highlight the possible problems and propose solutions for solving them, at the same time increasing the quality of the business management of the company.

  • Cross-border insolvency Open or Close

    We are specialized in cross - border bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in lieu of the provisions contained in the EU Regulation nr. 1346/2000

  • Relationships with financial institutions Open or Close

    Given our experience and knowledge of the financial services,  we are able to support our clients in the access to credit at financial institutions in Poland and abroad.

  • European Union public procurement Open or Close

    We advise companies which intend to take part in  public procurements and tenders in Poland.

  • Roszczenia odszkodowawcze Open or Close

    Kancelaria specjalizuje się w prowadzeniu spraw związanych z dochodzeniem roszczeń odszkodowawczych w imieniu osób poszkodowanych w wypadkach komunikacyjnych, wypadkach przy pracy, wskutek błędów medycznych i innych wypadkach. Oferujemy pomoc w dochodzeniu odszkodowań i prowadzenie czynności zmierzających do egzekucji należności od firm ubezpieczeniowych. Zapewnimy zastępstwo procesowe w postępowaniu karnym i cywilnym.

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