In order to meet the needs expressed by our clients in terms of services for the realization of the company’s internationalization strategy, below please find the list of services which our firm may provide, acting in cooperation with professional, strategic consultancy firms.

  • general country outlook (examination of the effective and potential competition and the opportunities offered by the target market)
  • product localization / service (target / price) and relative opportunities
  • optimal localization & resolution of problems connected with the logistics for the selected businesses
  • research of commercial partners and /or specialized collaborators;
  • assistance in terms of sales and product distribution abroad
  • contacts with the large-scale retail trade representatives
  • product localization (warehouse and distribution)
  • linguistic support / specialized translations
  • direct management of assets and / or branches abroad
  • outsourcing projects
  • business Due Diligence
  • financial and economic restructuring plans
  • development of partnerships and JV with local partners

If your company is interested in taking advantage of the abovementioned services, please do not hesitate to contact us.